Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Summer's over! New project and Sammy's birthday-

Oy! I got caught up in my new inspection contract which began the first week of June. Haven't updated this blog in almost 4 months- not good!

So, while I track down family photos, (but look past the construction pics for Sammy and his new bike!), and other interesting things from the summer, this series of shots will show how our largest building on the project has gone from a flat layer of rebar on the ground to a 65 x 85 foot (16' high walls) waster water treatment basin-

Oh, and then whenever we get a good "mug" shot of Sammy, it's certainly worth posting- here's Sammy being helped by Daddy Julio for his first bike ride ever-

Now here he is after he's used to the idea and ready to head down the street!

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