Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Speaking of beauty and solitude...

Here is our beautiful grandson, Sammy wearing grandma's reading glasses! Sitting with Sammy watching Blue's Clues is a very peaceful place. Except when he sings along and does the motions! I haven't mentioned Sammy in a while because I've been on the road and focused on inspection work. Look up Sammy in the list of labels on the lower right side of the page. This will show you posts which specifically mention Sammy!

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Pangborn wrapped up...

So, the access road in Wenatchee is now paved- this is a Fire Station access road for Pangborn Airport. This project lasted just over 3 weeks. I am currently in College Place (Walla Walla) giving another inspector a break. I will go into that more in the next post.

Below you see two pictures of paving operations at Pangborn then you see a picture of Pioneer Coffee in Cle Elum. I visited Cle Elum to check on lodging. That job starts up June 16th. The Pioneer Coffee shop will be my office for the airport reconstruction job! Nice place to visit and hang out.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Skye's Whitworth graduation

The summer is speeding up! I barely got the wedding slideshow figured out when the Whitworth graduation came up on the schedule this past weekend. Here are a few shots to get started- I'll have to come up with a slideshow later. The graduation ceremony was great- good speakers and music. It was a reminder of why Whitworth is such a great Christian university to attend. Afterwards we all went to Wolf's Lodge for dinner- the Olsens, Dunnings, Bairds and Brandon! (Skye's degree is Accounting & Bus. Mgmnt, KPMG lined up in Seattle.)

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

monochrome mood

For the past few months I've altered many of my images to sepia or monochrome after shooting color in my Canon 20D. A recent conversation with a fellow inspector wandered into black & white photography. I've only shot maybe 2 rolls of black & white and barely played around with digital black & white. This friend mentioned using red filters to improve the look of clouds for black & white. So....I've been shooting a lot of black & white in the past few weeks with the in-camera setting on red filter.

Here's a couple shots from today on site-

Monday, May 12, 2008

Week 2 in Wenatchee (Pangorn Airport)

Project rolling along quickly, getting the crushed rock in place while forms for concrete curb are being set. Interesting sight on the tarmac today- a helicoptor rescue crew does monthly practice sessions right behind the FedEx building. They made several runs dropping rope and zipping two guys down for training. Got a shot during the 2nd sequence. More notes on Wenatchee later...

Thursday, May 8, 2008

Fire Station view

The access road we are rebuilding goes to FedEx and the Fire Station at Pangborn Airport. The Fire Station is like a miniature control tower so sometimes I can go in there to catch the view. Here's a shot through the station window. Hopefully I'll get to fly over these mountains before the job is over!

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Wenatchee Pangborn Airport

OK, I've started up on the segue inspection job- the Fire Access Road at Pangborn Airport in Wenatchee. It's east of East Wenatchee, actually. The view of Wenatchee Valley is very impressive! I've only driven through a couple times on the way to Seattle, never stopped to take a look around. Here's a couple shots- one is a wide view of only part of the valley, I'm trying to find a better location to get a wide view, the other is a shot of work on the job with the mountains in the background. Pangborn Airport has a nice view of a range to the south of Wenatchee.