Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Auburn visit

This is a shot from our visit with Skye & Sarah last weekend. The top of the hill where they live has a good view of Mt. Rainier. Using the zoom lens helps make it appear a little closer than it really is!

I'll try to update the blog with some more family & photography news soon. I'm wrapping up the launch of my first serious website by this weekend.


Sarah Olson said...

Hi there,
I have a comment! Don't we look so cute!! Hi it's me...your daughter-in-law. I check your blog alot to see what new things you have up but I realized today I never make a comment:)I love your work by the way, I'm your biggest fan:) Love ya!

Kent Henderson: said...

Sorry it took only....8 1/2 months to publish your comment! In this blog I have to review comments before they are published. Never noticed it was waiting for review until today??!!

Thanks for your kind words Sarah!